Welcome to Elora Mandalas!

A mandala is a powerful tool.
Resting in itself, complete in itself, it bears witness of our essence, our soul and events happening to us here on earth.It can be a mirror for us and we see ourselves in it, according to our momentary state of evolution. It may show us the possible next steps to take, if we are willing to see and move.
Spirale© Elora M. Föhl Connected to “All-That-Is” I have been creating these powerful images for many years.To paint a personal mandala I don’t have to know this person, because in the process of creation I get all the information´s I need about the specific geometry and the colours.

Handing over the complete work of art to the person it was made for, is a miraculous moment. It touches everybody present deeply, to see the mandala and its “owner” becoming one. To then see how it accompanies him or her, on his, or her path and again and again, triggers new realizations, is a gift for me too.

A friend once said after receiving her mandala from me. “You follow a great heritage.”
And that is exactly how it feels. Although I feel connected to all cultures, that have known Mandalas, especially Tibet, it is important for me to follow my own path, to create something new, that mirrors my time.

Here you can here choose a Mandala, or order a new one.



Presentations of Mandalas with musical background